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Cascade Companion Care is proud to honor Cindy Wurst as our Caregiver of the Month for April!

Harold & Cindy Wurst Caregiver of the Month

Cindy came to us with all the makings of a fine caregiver.  She has a bright, cheerful personality with a smile as big as her Texas roots.  In true southern style, she learned to be very capable in domestic arts, cooking, cleaning, showing hospitality, and graciously caring for others.  On her application, Cindy wrote that the characteristics of a good caregiver are “having a passionate heart for them and their situation and health”, and she has certainly demonstrated this characteristic in all her assignments.

Good caregiving, from the perspective of Cascade Companion Care, is the combination of character and skill.  Cindy applied herself to the training regimen offered by Cascade Companion Care with an intense desire to learn.  She completed both her Certified Companion Aide classes and her Dementia training in just 20 days, before being placed with her first client.  In addition, she was the first caregiver on our staff to complete all twelve of her Continuing Education Units for the year.  This commitment to developing a comprehensive understanding of elder care and treatment skills is one of the things that makes Cindy shine.

Perhaps the best compliment we have heard from Cindy’s clients is that she is “like family”.  She has endeared herself to those she cares for with her down home cooking, upbeat presence, and devoted attention.  To them, and to us, Cindy Wurst is one of the Best!


1 Comment on Announcing Our Caregiver of the Month for April!

  1. Cindy Wurst is the best of the best! She has such a good, kind, compassionate heart! You are so lucky to have her. She gives 120% of herself in everything she does. She has such a heart for the elderly. She treats her clients just like family. She takes such good care of them that they never want her to leave. She is the kindest, most honorable, honest, and considerate person I know. She is my hero, my role model, and my inspiration…she is also my precious sister and my hero! Congratulations to you for having her as your employee, and congratulations to her for being honored for such good work. She is the wind beneath my wings…love ya sister, from Amarillo, Texas your sister, Kathy