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Shelley Burlile Caregiver of the MonthWe are very pleased to honor Shelley Burlile as our Caregiver of the Month for September!

Shelley is a wonderful example of the kind of caregiver we were able to hire before the implementation of Initiative 1163.  She did not have prior experience with seniors, nor a professional credential such as a CNA.  What she did have was a long, proven history of caring for others.  She had cared for children with disabilities as a foster and adoptive mother, advocating for them and nurturing them to achieve a full and grounded life.  She had volunteered in community outreach to serve the needs of low-income persons.  She readily completed the Certified Companion Aide training we offer and began serving clients with compassion and rock-solid instincts.  Shelley is now in her third year with us, and has served very diverse clients with demonstrated competence.

Rachel Graham, who has been the Case Manager for many of Shelley’s assignments, said that Shelley always finds a way to connect with a client.  She finds out their interests and desires, and goes above and beyond to meet their needs with personalized attention.  A recent client was on hospice, which we were supporting with in-home end of life services.  She expressed to Shelley her longing to see the Everett waterfront again.  Shelley made arrangements to pick the client up in the family’s Model T and take her for a drive.  On another occasion, Shelley worked with our staff to arrange for free repairs for a client with a plumbing problem, because her husband had the proper skills and was willing to donate his labor and materials.  Rachel also commented that Shelley makes a commitment to her clients.  For example, Shelley accepted a case that involved 2 hours of care, 7 days a week.  When the client’s care needs continued to expand, Shelley rearranged her schedule (and her life!) to be able to commit to the client’s care needs with shifts as long as 12 hours.

Connection and commitment . . . two traits that lead to excellence in caregiving!  Please join us in saluting Shelley Burlile for serving Cascade Companion Care clients with distinction.

2 Comments on Announcing our Caregiver of the Month for September

  1. Cindy wurst says:

    Thanks for being an angel here on earth.for the meek shall inherit the earth,the father says to you I am well pleased! My precious servant! You go girl!

  2. Patty Reinke says:

    Hi Shellie,
    What a great job you have done in committing yourself to reach out and honor your clients in such a caring and personalized manner. You are an inspiration to the rest of us caregivers. I love to hear how you showed care to a client in an individualized way. Keep up the AWESOME job—others are following in your footsteps of caring. God bless you and yours!!!!

    Learning from you,
    Patty Reinke