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Cascade Companion Care

We have found an informative video on the internet for you to watch. Many people have heard of osteoporosis but not many people understand it and they can become quite scared when told they have the condition.

An elderly friend or relative with osteoporosis who lives alone might benefit from a caregiver visiting them to help with certain chores and to accompany them on trips where a fall might lead to a broken bone or more serious injury.

Also, whilst receiving home care, a caregiver can cast a well trained eye over the elderly clients property to make sure that it is safe for them.

Home care means that osteoporosis does not have to be an illness which forces your elderly loved one into a care home setting – an unfamiliar place, full of people they have never met and away the comforts of home.

If you would like more information on how our caregivers are trained to handle osteoporosis whilst providing home care please do not hesitate to contact us.