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Cascade Companion Care

Cascade Companion Care is an in-home care provider for seniors and others who need assistance in order to remain at home.  For some, the word “companion” in our company name might be misleading.  Are we just friendly visitors who drop by for a cup of tea and a chat?

Actually, companion care does involve that, and much more!  One of its great merits is that it is flexible and adaptable to meet the unique, individual needs of a particular client.  Let me give you some examples of how companion care might work itself out in different situations.


Companion caregiver

Stella is 89 and has been living independently for six years since being widowed.  Her adult children live in different states.  Recently, Stella has had to stop driving, and arthritis makes it difficult for her to accomplish some of her normal routines of cooking and cleaning.  She is feeling isolated and discouraged.  In Stella’s case, a Cascade Companion Care caregiver would be able to help in countless ways.  The caregiver could provide transportation so that Stella could continue her community outings to church, the grocery store, or other places of interest.  The caregiver could assist Stella in preparing and storing meals, and keep her house tidy and clean.  Fresh laundry and linens, a meal simmering on the stove, a cheerful presence in the house, and ongoing engagement in the community – this is a recipe for Stella to continue thriving.  In this case, a caregiver enters the home much as a daughter or close friend would do, taking up whatever errands and tasks help the senior reach equilibrium again.



Caregiver assisting older gentlemanHoward would also benefit from companion care, even though his needs are quite different.  At 78, he suffered a stroke that left him very weak on his right side.  He needs the assistance of a walker, but he often forgets to use it.  Howard’s wife is afraid that he will fall getting in and out of the shower, and she cannot lift or support him.  She often feels overwhelmed with the medications that Howard must take.  A Cascade Companion Care caregiver can enter this situation ready to offer all of the supports mentioned above in Stella’s care.  But Howard will also need regular medication reminders and help restocking his mediset each week.  He will need standby assistance while bathing and using his walker.  His caregiver will oversee or provide for safe transfers in the house and in the car.  The caregiver’s regular observations can monitor any change in condition, easing the burden on Howard’s wife.   The caregiver may even nurture some of Howard’s wife’s interests, so that she can refresh herself with caregiving breaks.  This, too, is companion care!



At 91, Idamae is experiencing a crisis.  Her health has been declining in recent years, and she has become quite frail.  She is unable to drive, to prepare meals, or to bathe without assistance.  A dragging foot has caused several falls in the last 6 months.  A loving extended family living in the same state has been doing tag team caregiving, taking time off from work on a rotating basis to meet their mother’ s needs.  They have installed grab bars, stocked her refrigerator, and chosen a P.E.R.S. necklace as an emergency alert.

Showing love for their aging loved oneBut now, Idamae has been diagnosed with Dementia.  She lashes out at family members and is uncooperative in utilizing safety measures.  She suffers from vivid hallucinations that upset the family, and her medications have to be adjusted frequently.  During one vivid hallucination, she injured her leg, and the wound has been slow to heal.  The family wonders if it is time for a nursing home.  Yet, a case like Idamae’s is also well within the scope of companion care.  A companion caregiver can enable this family to deal with a new situation without uprooting Idamae from her home.  The caregiver comes into the situation prepared to offer all of the services mentioned in Stella’s and Howard’s care, but also ready to provide skilled dementia care.  Perhaps the family is relieved from the day to day caregiving and freed to relate to their mom apart from health maintenance concerns.  With the caregiver’s constant supervision and observation, Idamae’s doctor is able to find the right combination of medications to offset her worst symptoms.  The Cascade Companion Care Caregiver prepares meals, cleans, and assists with hygiene. She clears the house of fall risks and provides standby assistance with a gait belt.  Skilled in de-escalation techniques, the caregiver is able to manage Idamae’s outbursts.

An RN is engaged to evaluate Idamae’s wound, and the caregiver is trained and delegated to perform wound care.  The Cascade Companion Care caregiver offers the family books and articles on dementia and makes a referral to a community support group.

When you consider all that is included in caring for Stella, Howard and Idamae, you may think of our services as Companionship PLUS!  Some home care agencies certainly do, and they charge higher rates for different levels of attention and service.  At Cascade Companion Care, our entire menu of services is available to any client without additional charges (with the one exception of setting up Nurse Delegation services as required by law).

These three cases demonstrate that for a broad spectrum of needs, companion care can be just the right kind of care for your loved one, and Cascade Companion Care can be the perfect fit!  Give us a call today for a free, in-home assessment.  We can even have a cup of tea and chat!