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Generic Pills in the shape of a question markHow often do you opt for generic versus brand name drugs at the pharmacy to save money? Probably quite frequently, as generic drugs make up approximately 80 percent of prescription drugs in the U.S. But do you ever wonder if these drugs work as well as their more expensive brand name counterparts? A new safety and quality evaluation from the FDA will help find an answer to that question.

Generic drug testing has previously only been done on an occasional basis in the U.S., but the FDA is putting a new emphasis on the quality of “copycat drugs.” Read more about this first testing of generic drugs in this study and what it will mean to the quality of your medications.

Whether your loved one opts for generic or brand name medications, Cascade Companion Care can provide medication reminders to help clients maintain proper medication adherence for improved health and safety. Contact our team to learn more about our medication management assistance and other senior care services.