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Fido, Fifi, and Fall Prevention

September is Fall Prevention Month

Nobody wants to suffer a fall.  But the sad truth is that 1/3 of seniors over the age of 65 and 1/2 of those over the age of 80 will fall.

We all know that changes in vision, home obstacles, medication side effects, and declining physical strength can be significant risks.  These  factors are usually on the radar screen of a good family physician, family member, or home caregiver.

You may be surprised to learn, however, that 86,000 falls each year are caused by our most loved companions – our pets!  Here are some ideas to make sure your loyal furry friend does not cause a fall.

*Store pet toys and feeding dishes away from common walkways.

*Alert yourself that a small animal is nearby by placing a bell on his collar.

*Wipe up any spills immediately.

*Teach dogs never to jump on you or on any visitor to your home.  People with balance problems cannot react quickly to a surprise greeting.  You may even need some additional training for your dog as you age or begin to use assistive devices such as canes and walkers.

*If your dog runs toward other dogs or tugs and pulls at the leash, it is wise to have a friend or neighbor take the dog outside for walks.  Or, you may be able to find an enclosed outdoor area where your dog can be under your control off-leash.

Your caregiver from Cascade Companion Care will be happy to meet your pets.  We believe that quality home care includes maintaining a pet-friendly and senior-safe home!