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Seniors who live in Mount Vernon have a secret. Tucked away along the I-5 corridor is a delightful town that in 1998 was named the Best Small City in America!

If you are receiving home care, or elder care, in Mount Vernon, you and your Cascade Companion Care caregiver will have fun proving that Mount Vernon still deserves that title today! While you may have chosen home care due to health concerns, or for help performing the activities of daily living, you can also use your caregiving visits to explore and enjoy pleasures outside the home. Your caregiver can work with you to plan and prepare for brief outings or day trips, depending on your interests and abilities.

Mount Vernon boasts a very active community of seniors. There is no need to be isolated from this vital group when your Cascade Companion Care caregiver can accompany you to their Senior Center. The Center offers classes, support groups, hobby clubs, and special events. Check their monthly calendar at http://www.skagitseniors.orgMountVernon/index.htl to see what you would like to sample first!

Speaking of sampling . . . Mount Vernon is the home of Pasek Cellars, a favorite stop to sip some unique local fruit wines. Never tried Blackberry or Passion Fruit wine? The people at Pasek Cellars will tell you it’s not all about grapes anymore!

Another of Mount Vernon’s distinctions is that it has a climate very closely resembling Holland. This has enabled it to become a mecca for tulip lovers. You are your caregiver might enjoy visiting the Roozengaarde Display Garden, Tulip Town, or taking part in the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Your caregiver can even assist you in nurturing your own beds of tulips at home!


Holland isn’t the only country to have made its contribution to the culture of Mount Vernon. Each year, the city hosts the Skagit Valley Highland Games and Celtic Festival. From bagpipes, traditional dance, to glorious kilts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Perhaps you would enjoy a quieter outing to get out into Mount Vernon’s beautiful habitat. You and your caregiver could have a wonderful day exploring the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve. This beautiful reserve and research center offers classes and presentations about ecology. Their free interpretive center and paved trails makes it easy to learn about and explore the mud flats of the Salish Sea.

Padilla Bay

With so much to do and enjoy in Mount Vernon, you and your caregiver should keep in mind that sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea and a good pastry at Calico Cupboard Bakery and Cafe to reinvigorate your spirit!