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Beautiful Beach

With the most recent census, Warm Beach had a population of 2,411. One could say that Warm Beach is more of a community than a city. That is why so many people love it!

If you choose home care, or elder care, in Warm Beach, your Cascade Companion Care caregiver will of course help with home tasks, activities of daily living, and health maintenance. However, a caregiver is also eager to stimulate conversation, provide for occasional changes of scenery, and promote social and physical activities.

Marine Drive is a wonderful place to do some scenic driving. With its dazzling views of Port Susan and across the bay to Camano Island, your caregiver can accompany your loved one to watch the ferries, spot some of the region’s flora and fauna, and see the ever changing artistry of water, waves, and sunlight.

Kayak Point Regional Park is another day trip that your care provider could plan with your loved one. The park has accessible paths, an interpretive center, and a unique photo gallery of the park from the early 1900’s. It, too, offers breathtaking views of Port Susan and the Puget Sound.

Of course, to many people Warm Beach is synonymous with the Lights of Christmas! Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center hosts an extravaganza each December featuring theater presentations and spectacular holiday light displays. During the rest of the year, the conference center hosts some events exclusively for seniors. Check their website here for details:


There are no restaurants in Warm Beach itself, but if your loved one enjoys eating out, the closest one is Tradition Steakhouse at Kayak Point. Or, your relative may prefer to “duck in” to the Duck In Cafe near Stanwood for something lighter!

Home care sometimes means just that:  care provided at home.  But depending on your loved one’s interests, abilities, and mobility, your Cascade Companion Care caregiver can facilitate outings that bring richness and variety to everyday life in Warm Beach.

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