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Cascade Companion Care

Home care services are ideal for seniors who want to remain at home. Many of the articles on our website explain what our services are and how they are beneficial to seniors.  What you may NOT know is that home care is also ideal for many other age groups and situations!

A mother called us to get help for her teen-aged son.  He was an elite athlete and had torn the ACL in his knee.  After surgery, he would need attentive care, aInjured Basketball Players well as transportation to numerous physical therapy and doctor appointments.  The mother said she could not possibly take that much time off from her job, and wondered if we provide in-home assistance in situations like this?  Yes, we do!

Physical therapyA pastor called us to request help for one of her parishoners.  A woman had extensive surgery on her eyes, and was not able to bend over or lift anything for a week.  Much of her day needed to be spent in a special chair that kept her head down, and at night she had to sleep in a cushioned halo.  She also had a strict schedule of eye drops. The pastor wondered if we provide round-the clock in-home assistance in such a situation?  Yes, we do!

An elderly couple called to request help for their son in his 50’s.  He was grievously injured Grievously injuredin an industrial accident and needed care that they could not perform.  The parents wondered if we provide services for a permanently disabled person.  Yes, we do!

We even had a memorable request from an expectant dad, who had just learned his wife was havinFather of tripletsg triplets.  She had been told she would need to have a Ceasarian section.  He was trying to line up some back up support, since he did not think he was quite prepared to juggle his wife’s recovery and three tiny infants!  Do we provide any services in situations like this, he wondered?  Yes, we do!

So, who exactly do we serve?

People who are lonely and need companionship or supervision.

People who need someone to shop and cook meals for or with them.

People who need someone to drive them to appointments, errands or events.

People who need help with housekeeping.

People who need reminders to take their medications.

People who need help with bathing, eating, dressing, transferring, walking,  or  toileting.

People who need help processing mail and paperwork

People with progressive cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

People with terminal illnesses.

People with medical needs that can be met at home through nurse delegated tasks rather than a skilled nursing facility.

If you know of someone with these needs, we would be delighted to serve them . . . even if they are not over 65!