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Making the decision to seek in-home care for your cherished parent or spouse is difficult for most families.  Among the host of questions you might have to research is this:  How can I know  that the provider I choose is committed to the highest standards of excellence?  How will I know that their practices reflect the kind of  quality that is exemplary even among similar providers?

Cascade Companion Care can respond to this question with both subjective and objective data.   Many of our clients have written us to express their deep gratitude for our services.  We have highlighted some of their comments under the tab “What Our Clients are Saying” on our home page.  Whether we nursed someone through a brief recuperation, or walked a loved one through the process of dying, our families consistently express the feeling that our caregivers possess all the right skills wrapped up in genuine caring and compassion.

Perhaps you need more . . . not personal testimonials but some hard data that objectively measures outcomes against common industry standards.  Cascade Companion Care strives  for excellence.  For that reason, we joined Home Care Pulse, an independent rating service.  Home Care Pulse randomly selects 10% of our clients and caregivers every month for live phone interviews.  Speaking to a neutral third party, our clients and caregivers can give an honest assessment of their experience.  Home Care Pulse goes right to the issues that matter most, asking for numbered rankings on measures such as the caregiver’s work ethic, timeliness, training and knowledge, compassion, appropriate and clean appearance; client confidence in agency management, effective communication with agency representatives,  timely response to problems, receiving the services promised, likelihood of recommending our services to others, coordination of schedules, and overall quality of service.  Caregivers are also queried on their job satisfaction, orientation and training process, opportunities for ongoing training, ease of communication with senior management, and other benchmarks.

It is only those providers who score above the industry average 12 consecutive months on both client and employee satisfaction ratings that receive the designation of “Best of Home Care”.  We are delighted to be able to provide anyone considering home care with this sought after seal of approval!

2012 Best of Home Care award

As part of our ongoing effort to strive for excellence, we invite you to send us your comments, concerns, and recommendations.  “Like” us on Facebook, and offer a review on Google or Yelp.  We are here to serve you . . . with the best in quality home care for seniors!