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Before you trust a home care agency with the task of providing care to an elderly family member or loved one there are a few questions you really should ask.

These questions could be asked over the phone, however it is better to ask them whilst visiting the offices of the home care agency. This way you will meet the owners of the company and get a feel for their professionalism and possibly you could actually meet the caregiver who will be visiting the home of your loved one.

1. What are the home care agency’s hiring and training procedures regarding their caregivers? You can ask about the screening procedure and what qualifications their staff need to work with the company.

2. Within the home care agency itself how is quality control monitored? Who oversees the work carried out by the caregivers?

3. Can the home care agency provide a list of references from families currently receiving care or previous clients? A degree of openness shows there is nothing to hide.

4. What happens should a caregiver become unavailable for work? This not only applies to the fact that your loved one could be without care but also the caregiver in question might have built up an excellent rapport with your loved one, so obviously they would prefer to see them again.

5. How much planning and preparation does the home care agency put into the needs of the individual client? There are agencies out there today who just work ‘day to day’, showing no signs of forward planning. This could provide problems should your loved one’s health deteriorate and plans haven’t been made.

6. Checks should be made into the company’s licenses and certificates. This is an area commonly overlooked. Things to look for are expiry dates or licenses and certificates being revoked – and for what?

7. How are liability issues handled? What insurance policies does the agency possess? If an agency is willing to accept full responsibility for the health, safety and best interests of your loved one it shows they are more likely to hire well trained staff.

Always remember you are the client and it is in the best interest of your loved one that you ask these questions and only ‘sign on the dotted line’ when you are completely happy with the answers. Do not let yourself be smooth-talked or bullied into making rash decisions you will later regret.

We, here at Cascade Companion Care, pride ourselves on providing the best caregivers in the industry and being a high quality home care agency. So, should you live in Arlington, Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, Stanwood or the surrounding areas and you would like some more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us- and we will answer all your questions.