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Never too old to playEach year since 1963, the United States Administration on Aging has set aside the month of May as Older Americans Month.  Accordingly, every US president since John F. Kennedy has called upon all citizens to recognize and celebrate the contributions of our seniors.

Here is an excerpt of President Obama’s Proclamation:

“America endured great trials and heralded defining triumphs over the course of the 20th century and the men and women who saw us through that time remain among our Nation’s greatest assets. Through their guiding wisdom, enduring love of family, and inspiring commitment to country, older Americans continue to steer and enhance our national life.

Our seniors make countless contributions as active participants in communities across America. From our parks and schools to our faith and service organizations, the generosity and talents of active seniors augment our children’s education, bring our families together, and strengthen the fabric of our society . . .

Our seniors have devoted their entire lives to building the future their children and grandchildren deserve. During Older Americans Month, we celebrate their successes and recommit to supporting them as they shape America’s next great generation.”

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Never Too Old to Play”.  This theme is intended to encourage seniors to remain engaged, active, and creative throughout their years.  Whether you mentor a child, play Bridge at the Senior Center, sing in a choir, take classes at the community college, travel, serve at a community dinner, or act as a docent at a museum, you can find an area of interest and fun that fits your unique talents and abilities.

At Cascade Companion Care, we have special certificates to honor seniors who share their story of how they are “out and about”, having fun and making a difference in our communities.  Send us your activities so we may honor you!