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Our October Caregiver Spotlight honors the work of Kym Black.  Kym exemplifies many of the qualities we seek in all of our caregivers at Cascade Companion Care.  Although Kym was new to the profession, she has been willing to learn everything needed to meet the needs of her clients.  Easily adaptable, she has been able to adjust to diverse home care and assisted living settings.  Kym has a “can-do” attitude:  she can develop trust and rapport with new clients, she can learn a new skill, she can complete a long list of tasks successfully, and she can keep in excellent communication with both staff and families.  In the words of our Staff Coordinator, Dina Montez, “Kym is an awesome caregiver!”

What does it take to be awesome in Dina’s book?  For one thing, Kym has a heart the size of Texas.  She consistently goes the extra mile.  Hearing that a client yearned for pumpkin muffins, Kym surprised her with one at the next visit.  As Kym gets to know clients well, she often gets a sense of the little things that help them feel whole.  One distinguished lady had always taken pride in her appearance, and this included smooth legs.  Now suffering from dementia, she is distressed to see hair growing on her legs.  Kym is the kind of caregiver who understands these needs, and she gently shaved the client’s legs.

Kym says “I love being a caregiver because I know I’m making people feel better.  Even the little things, like applying nail polish, can bring a client so much joy.  I get so attached to them!”  Kym admits to being a bit nervous when she was first hired last summer.  Now, however, she says, “I just love my job!  I couldn’t have picked anything else I would enjoy as much!”

Congratulations, Kym, for your outstanding work as a Cascade Companion Care caregiver!