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Family Caregiver with an aging loved one

At Cascade Companion Care, we receive requests for in home assistance that represent a broad spectrum of needs.  A recent call from a grandson sought occasional care for his active and healthy 100 year old grandmother, so that she could begin to develop bonds with a caregiver before it became a necessity.  Another call was for a senior whose life was so radically changed by a cancer diagnosis that she needed round- the -clock care.  Among these requests there often comes a call from a family caregiver – a spouse, son or daughter, or other relative – who is the primary or sole caregiver for the complex needs of their loved one.  One of our great privileges is to provide respite care for them, enabling them to have a break to care for themselves and to refresh their energies.

We recently provided a training at one of our local senior center’s Family Caregiver Support Group.  As we listened to these people describe the challenges they faced, we felt we were in the presence of truly remarkable human beings, showing great love with minimal support or recognition.

One out of four households in the United States now cares for an elderly parent or family member.  These family caregivers deserve both our honor and support.  Programs like the Snohomish County Family Caregiver Support Program offer, according to their website, information and referral, assistance accessing services, individual counseling, individual consultation, support groups, and training. For the family caregivers we spoke with, having a circle of caring people who are all facing similar daily challenges is a life-line!  You can learn more by calling the Long Term Care and Aging Department at (425) 388-7377.  If you do not have a Caregiver support program in your area, many other support materials for family caregivers are available.  Here is a list to get you started!

In addition to honor and support, these families also need respite, even to take advantage of a support group.   Cascade Companion Care can help. Whether you need an hour to get a haircut, or a week on an island getaway (don’t we all wish!), your loved one can be in good hands while you have a much deserved break.  For help in choosing care for your family member, call us at (425) 361-0044.

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