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Cascade Companion Care

Have you an elderly loved one who needs caring for?  Whether they are just recovering from an illness or surgery, or, possibly they are having trouble looking after themselves due to forgetfulness or lack of mobility.  To you it is obvious they need some form of care.

But what happens when care home facilities you can afford, are ideally situated and meet your standards are full?  Do you join a queue, a waiting list?  What about settling for something less than ideal?

It is in these situation that home care (a huge difference than a care home) proves itself to be the better way to care for you loved one.

No waiting times!  Home care can be arranged extremely quickly, with assessments carried out and care providers matched to the needs of the senior client.

The care home standards don’t meet your approval?  When you decide to provide your elderly loved one with home care you are keeping them within their own home.  A place you and your loved one know very well.  There are no hidden surprises within your own home such as strange people to share bathroom facilities with, unfamiliar surroundings or changes in your normal daily routines.

When you receive home care you are in your own home so there is no need to tell all your friends and relatives new locations and directions.  There are no ‘visiting times’ to be placed on welcoming guests in your own home either.

Holding a loved ones hands

Home care really is the best option for a loved one.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require more information.  We offer our services to:

  • Arlington
  • Marysville
  • Everett
  • Lake Stevens
  • Stanwood

… and many more towns within Snohomish and Island Counties.