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We are pleased to honor two outstanding caregivers who have gone “above and beyond” in their work with clients.


Dee Rutledge Caregiver of the MonthDee Rutledge has been chosen as Caregiver of the Month for July.  Dee is a very gentle person who has deep affection for people in their senior years.  She views it as a high honor to help with senior needs, knowing that challenges can best be faced when there is an atmosphere of patience, respect and love.  Dee’s primary client describes her as very calming, bringing order and peace to whatever the day holds.

During the month of July, we had two dynamics occur simultaneously:  We gained quite a few new clients, and we had several core caregivers away on vacations!  Dee proved to be incredibly versatile and flexible, covering for other caregivers to make sure every client’s needs were met seamlessly.  She even covered a shift during our Annual Picnic!  Now that’s dedication!



Another caregiver who has caught our attention is Caroleen Chiorah-Artis, our Caregiver of the Month for August.  Caroleen is a very attentive caregiver who works hard with all members of the care team to make sure the client is getting the very best care.  Her ability to function as a communicator of key information has been extremely helpful in complex or challenging cases.  A recent comment from a client’s daughter praised Caroleen’s “warm and wonderful personality”, saying that she had a unique gift for making a connection with her sometimes resistant parent.  Another client who was receiving end of life care found Caroleen to be so easy to talk to that very significant and necessary processing of her life experience was able to take place. What a gift this is!

Please join us in applauding Dee and Caroleen for their excellence as caregivers for Cascade Companion Care!


2 Comments on Spotlight on Excellence!

  1. Carl Brecht says:

    congratulations to you both, best wishes, Carl Brecht

  2. Patty Reinke says:

    Hi Dee and Caroleen,
    Hats off to both of you and great job. I just started doing caregiving recently so maybe you guys could help give a newbie like me some additional tips. Anyway, thank you for doing a super job representing the company and for giving stellar service!! Congratulations and God bless you both.
    Patty reinke